Content Creator + Performing Artist

Ellie Morgan is a content producer, director, writer and actor. She started performing and creating material for community audiences in Melbourne and on tours around Victoria at the age of 8. Ellie went on to train formally and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Performing Arts from Monash University and St Martins Performance Ensemble. Her studies continued as a full time ensemble member at the 16th Street Actor’s Studio where she worked with reputable performers and directors including; Alkinos Tsilimidos, Penelope Chater, Kerry Armstrong, Kim Farrant and Chris Edmund. She has also taken part in Masterclasses & Workshops with Larry Moss, Mike Alfreds and Elizabeth Kemp.

Ellie is a firecracker with heart. A character actor who is both engaging and transformative; she brings a relatable quality to every character she inhabits. With her comic timing and nuanced physical choices, she is an actor not afraid to embrace her inner clown. This with her fierce honesty, strength and inhabited dialogue make her a captivating performer of the highest quality.

It is through her writing and in particular her use of dialogue that she takes the audiences into her imagined worlds. Her unique observations on both human nature and the world around her give her work a quirky, but ultimately honest undertone that both entertains and moves her audience.

Ellie has further experience with writer, director, producer and actor credits for multiple short films and TVCs.

Vision and scripts available on request.

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